4 Most used type of motherboard

You are familiar with the world of computing should already know what is the motherboard and the components contained therein. This is because one of the keys of a computer can be operated is this motherboard. The motherboard is not only found on the computer, but also in more modern devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

The motherboard itself is a printed circuit board or PCB that holds all the major components of a computer, such as RAM slots, slot CPU, BIOS, and so on. As the state capital, the motherboard serves as a center of communication between all the other computer components. One type of old motherboards that are no longer used today are AT motherboard. So called because this motherboard uses socket and a six-pin plug which acts as an Advanced Technology or AT power connector. Motherboard produced in the 80's had a fairly large size (13.8 x 12 inches), so it is not possible to apply to a small computer device. In addition, the large dimensions also make it difficult to install new drivers. Today there are many types of motherboard you can choose from. However, there are four of the most popular type of motherboard used in many computers today, the motherboard ATX, Micro-ATX motherboards, Mini ATX motherboards, and E-ATX motherboards. Most popular motherboard types here are some types of motherboards are most commonly used today.

1. ATX Motherboard

This is the type of motherboard ahead of AT motherboards that have been abandoned. ATX, which stands for Advanced Technology eXtended means that this motherboard has undergone a number of enhancements compared to the previous generation motherboards.

ATX motherboard has a smaller form factor than the AT motherboard, the general dimensions of 12 x 9.6 inches or 30.5 x 24.4 cm. Standard ATX form factor (length 305 mm and width 244 mm) is the most popular because it has all the features that can be met almost every need, whether for gaming or productivity. motherboard has a number of advantages, such as providing some of the PCI slots and at least 4x DIMM slot that can support a lot of memory, and has a lot of ports SATA and other storage device port. In fact, the top grade ATX motherboard has 3 to 4 PCI-Ex 16 slot that is capable of handling multiple graphics cards.

2. Micro-ATX Motherboard

As the name suggests, this motherboard has a smaller size than the general dimensions of ATX motherboard, which is a 9.6 x 9.6 inches or 24.4 x 24.4 cm. However, there are some manufacturers who create a smaller Micro-ATX motherboard, 9.6 x 8.1 inches or 24.4 x 20.6 cm, depending on the slot and port are included.

Micro-ATX motherboard has a number of advantages compared with ATX motherboards, including a smaller form factor and compact and more affordable price. There are also variants of high Micro-ATX motherboard with excellent features. If most modern ATX motherboards have a maximum of seven PCI or PCI-Express expansion slots, then the microATX motherboards only have a maximum of four. The amount may also vary depending on the dimensions.

3. Mini ITX Motherboard

This is a very small motherboard with dimensions of only 6.7 x 6.7 inches or 17 x 17 cm. However, the Mini-ITX motherboards are able to provide all the basic features contained in the large-sized motherboard. Some of the advantages of the motherboard is in addition to size, space-saving is that it has a cooling system without a fan which makes it possible to lower power consumption and board which can be used in many ways that are designed for ATX motherboard, Micro-ATX and others ATX variants if desired.

Because the mini size, the Mini-ITX motherboard can only provide a maximum of 1x PCI-Ex 16 slots 2x DIMM slots and a slot for memory. Almost every ITX board has only 4x SATA ports for storage and some fan header, but other features may vary depending on the price offered.

4. E-ATX Motherboard

It is the largest among all the motherboards motherboards discussed here, which is sized 12 x 10.9 inches or 30.5 x 27.7 cm. Sufficient size for this motherboard DIMM slots offer more large, so that the user can add more memory Plenty.

E-ATX motherboard is a good choice if you need a computer that is powerful enough to play games and other heavy tasks, such as rendering and video processing. This motherboard socket processor much more powerful and so has the extraordinary ability. Some of the features of the motherboards E-ATX experienced a lot of 16 PCI-Ex (four or more), have slots 8x DIMM of RAM, capable of supporting 3 to 4 graphics cards, support the installation of RAM up to 128 GB, has a built-in WiFi, sound card, and many others. Because it offers many benefits and advanced features, E-ATX motherboard definitely priced at a fairly expensive.

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