5 applications to create a CV that is most popular on Android

CV (curriculum vitae) is an important component in the world of work. When a person wants to apply for a job, CV is usually attached as part of a job application letter. CV itself contain personal information as well as more detailed descriptions that need to be addressed such as work experience, academic information, and others.

If you previously had to write and write your own CV, the CV can now be done online using your computer or mobile device. In addition, the CV creation of own standard required. So, you do not have to worry about the parts that you missed when you created it. To create a CV easily, you can use the application CV maker. If confused to find an application, Carisinyal will help to discuss the application to write a CV in Android that you can rely on to make your most excellent CV. Here is a list.

5 applications to create a CV on Android

1. CV Maker with Aristoz

This application is the first in a list of 10 applications to create the best CV on Android. As of this writing, CV Maker with Aristoz has been downloaded over one million times with a fairly good rating of 4.5. CV and application maker application is quite easy to use and offers 50 original template. Available types of CV also for various jobs. By doing so, you can create, organized professional-looking CV that shows the history of your life such as work experience, education, achievements, and more.

CV maker application offers several convenient features such as self-fill data, free premium templates, 45 unique CV templates with various colors, as well as a template to create your resume cover letter.

2.5 Minutes CV maker & Templates

Applications to create the so-called 5 Minute CV CV maker & Templates also been downloaded more than one million times with a rating of 4.4. This application can help you create professional CVS for beginners to experienced. Beginner level here are the people who will apply for a job or a fresh graduate, while experienced are those who already have a lot of work experience or veteran-term work. The application offers a pretty good user interface that makes it easy to create the desired CV. Some of the features of this CV maker offer applications such as CVS offline application access and download in PDF format.

3. Free CV maker & Premium Templates

CV maker application offers a unique premium templates and customized according to your needs. Premium templates in this application is available for free. This application has been used by more than 100 thousand people with a fairly good rating of 4.6.

This feature offers maker CV applications include: Creating a CV in a few minutes with premium templates, auto save, can be used offline, download CV in PDF format, distribute and print a CV, and can be used for New and inexperienced job seeker. The interface of Free & Premium CV Template Maker This application is good enough to allow users to create a CV. The quality of the templates it offers is not so disappointing.

4. CV Maker with VisualCV

The application makes a CV four offers some features that are quite helpful as lets you import data from your LinkedIn account or from a CV that you have created in PDF or Word format. This way, you get easier when you want to enhance your CV with this application.

This application can also be used to create a resume, portfolio and cover letter. In this application, you are allowed to custom CV pages and add new content as needed. Additionally, you can add a photo to complete your profile data. VisualCV also provide professional and premium design template. In addition, this application has a simple user interface looks but modern and well-view.

5. Resume and CV Builder App Maker

Application CV maker hereinafter referred Resume and CV Builder App maker which has been downloaded more than 100K times. With a rating of 4.3, this CV enough application developers are encouraged to use.

CV Maker has some features that are displayed. In this application there are 20 templates impressive and professional with or without photos. With a simple user interface, you can create your CV there are just a few minutes tablets.

easy editing features can also help to make updating your resume easier. In addition, applications can be run completely offline so you do not have to worry if the Internet is not available.

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