5 Best and free Instagram Followers examine the application

Instagram is one of the most popular social media world. photo and video sharing applications has very many monthly users, maybe hundreds of millions. The number of people accessing Instagram is a golden opportunity for those who want to expand their business through social media.

Business usually will attract as many followers as possible to their Instagram account. These followers can be a way to increase sales traffic to Web sites. But many followers is not enough for the development of an online business. You have to know when the timing is right for the post, the hashtag good to use, and other things that can help you grow your account. Here are some of the analysis and management application Instagram account you can use for free.

1. Instagram built-in features

Not difficult to find a particular app for your Instagram followers and development for Instagram already provides its own built-in features, which is Instagram Insights. It's just that you can not apply them to your personal Instagram account, but only on Instagram account business. Instagram business account given this kind of feature so that the account owner can learn about the development of their Instagram through real data is displayed. Because of this built in, users do not need to pay to use this feature Insights Instagram.

Data shown by Instagram Insights such as the number of visitors account within a certain time period, total impressions, top posts, clicks to your website, reach, and so on. Although everything is free, Instagram Insights feature is also limited, because there are not many ways to export data and restricted access.

2. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is a management platform for a variety of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. For IG, they are offering free analytical tools that are not only for business accounts, but also for personal accounts. For more features, Social Bakers also have paid plans starting at USD 20 per profile per month. Once you link your Instagram account by Social Bakers, this application will start analyzing your profile. With it you can view your photos the most popular, filters and hashtags, and feed interaction with your followers. Unfortunately, you can not see much detail about your followers or growing your follower growth. Early-onset might Instagram Analytics Tool Social Bakers quite confusing, but over time can be mastered very well. Only go here if you are interested in utilizing the free Instagram followers and development tools.

3. Simply Measured

Measured enough is another social media platform management offering a free analysis tool for Instagram. Only this application can only be used by the account with the number of followers under 25,000.

One of the advantages of Simply Measured from Social Bakers is a more detailed report. Only one application that requires you to follow them on Twitter, which can be very annoying for some users. Some of the data displayed on the dashboard Simply Measured including post-engagement chart, the percentage of involvement, and the type of engagement as well as many other analytical data that can help you keep track of your IG account. Interested? Go directly to the site here.

4. Followers Pro

Followers Instagram Pro is an analysis application that is only available exclusively for iOS devices. This application is also free to use, but many of its features that can only be accessed by paid users.

With the free version you see a new follower, who unfollow you, see the list of people you follow but not follback, and see who is following you, but you do not memfollownya. While in the paid version you can find out more, as that deter you, the people who do not like when their previous posts nge-like, and much more. 5. Free Iconosquare

Iconosquare Guide is similar to Instagram app audit and Social Bakers Simply Measured. As the name suggests, this application is free to use to check your followers and other data.

Some of the data you can see with this app are like enough information on the latest 30 posts and about your account in general.

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